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With 10,000 square feet of service area and seven mechanics on duty, O.S.T. is fully equipped to handle all of it's own repair, maintenance and inspection needs. Our experienced, ASE-certified mechanics have the knowledge and skills to tackle any truck or chassis' repair, inspection or maintenance need. Here at O.S.T. we understand the problems created by sophisticated engine systems, and our technicians are trained on all the latest technologies. O.S.T. Trucking also offers full services to any owner operator in our fleet at reasonable competitive prices. We carry and use only the top name brands in parts and equipment. Because we care about our customers and their cargo, our shop and equipment are in full accordance with state and federal regulations including all environmental and occupational safety regulations. Regular inspections are carried out on a daily basis on all equipment. What does this mean to you the customer? It means that you can feel comfortable in knowing your valuables will arrive safely and on time. After all, O.S.T. stands for "Only Safe Trucks".